Welcome to Commonwealth Family Physicians! 
Commonwealth Family Physicians (CFP) is a family practice located in Beaumont Center in Lexington. CFP has two physicians and one physician assistant. We strive to provide patient-centered, comprehensive health care to our patients. 
Charles C. Johnson, D.O. is a doctor of osteopathy.   To learn more about what a doctor of osteopathy is, please see the section below.  Dr. Johnson is board certified in family medicine and has been in practice for over 20 years in Lexington.   He graduated from the School of Osteopathic Medicine at Des Moines University in Des Moines, IA. He is originally from Michigan.
Stan Sizemore, M.D. is board certified in family medicine. He is a native of Kentucky and graduated from the University of Kentucky School of Medicine. Dr. Sizemore has been with Commonwealth Family Physicians since February 2013.
Kimberly Gray, PA-C, has been with Commonwealth Family Physicians for over 5 years. She is a physician’s assistant and graduated from the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant program. 
All providers are pleased to accept new patients!
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
A doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) is a physician licensed to practice medicine, perform surgery, and prescribe medication.
Like allopathic physicians (or M.D.s), osteopathic physicians complete 4 years of medical school and can choose to practice in any specialty of medicine. However, osteopathic physicians receive an additional 300 - 500 hours in the study of hands-on manual medicine and the body's musculoskeletal system.
Osteopathic medicine is dedicated to treating and healing the patient as a whole, rather than focusing on one system or body part. An osteopathic physician will often use a treatment method called osteopathic manipulative treatment (also called OMT or manipulation) -- a hands-on approach to make sure that the body is moving freely. This free motion ensures that all of your body's natural healing systems are able to work unhindered.
Osteopathic physicians hold to the principle that a patient's history of illness and physical trauma are written into the body's structure. The osteopathic physician's highly developed sense of touch allows the physician to feel (palpate) the patient's "living anatomy" (the flow of fluids, motion and texture of tissues, and structural makeup).
Like M.D.s, osteopathic physicians are licensed at the state level. Osteopathic physicians who wish to specialize may become "board certified" (in much the same manner as M.D.s) by completing a 2- to 6-year residency within the specialty area and passing the board certification exams.
D.O.s practice in all specialties of medicine, ranging from emergency medicine and cardiovascular surgery to psychiatry and geriatrics. A majority of osteopathic doctors use many of the medical and surgical treatments that are used by other medical doctors.
Flu Vaccines
Commonwealth Family Physicians does not currently have influenza vaccines. If you need to get your flu shot, please go to your local pharmacy at Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. 
Patient Portal
We are honored that you have chosen us as your healthcare provider. In an effort to help you be active in the management and improvement of your health, our practice now offers the opportunity to use the power of the web to track the most important aspects of your healthcare through our office. 
The Patient Portal allows communication between you and our doctors, nurses, and staff members easily, safely, and securely via the Internet. You are able to:
·         ask questions of doctors, nurses, and staff members
·         view lab results
·         view and update your personal health record
·         examine your current and past billing statements
·         view appointment date(s)
All you have to do is provide us your email address. We will give you a unique and secure User Name and Password and the link to access the Patient Portal. You will also receive an email from Reminders@eclinicalmail.com with that same User Name, Password and link to the patient portal. Just click on the link (or enter the web address) and enter your User Name and Password.       
Begin today to take an active role in managing your healthcare!

Your First Visit
Thank you for choosing Commonwealth Family Physicians for your health care needs. We are honored that you have chosen us for your health care, and we are committed to providing you with the best care we can. Our goal is to form a partnership to keep you as healthy as possible.   We will share our medical expertise with you, and we encourage you to take responsibility for working toward the healthy life-style that is important to your well-being. Here are some important steps you can take toward better health:
- Don’t smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products.
Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all, and never drive when you’re drinking.
Eat a diet low in fat and high in vegetables and fruits.
Exercise at last three times a week.
Wear your seatbelt whenever you are in a car.
Learn about ways to deal with stress and tension.
Maintain ties with your family, neighbors, friends, or your church community.
In order to provide a proactive interaction between patient and provider,   we recommend that everyone who joins our practice have a complete physical exam annually followed by periodic check-ups.  This will enable us to provide preventive services and to manage care for chronic illnesses to improve quality of life for our patients.
Family Medicine
The physicians in this practice are board-certified family practice physicians.   You may also see a certified physician assistant (PA-C)  who help the physician see patients in a timely manner. We can care for your whole family, and we consider your family when we take care of you. We are very interested in wellness and preventive medicine. We want to help you stay healthy for your whole life. 
Hospital Care
If you need to be hospitalized, we work directly with a specialized group of hospital physicians who provide inpatient care at St. Joseph Hospitals. They will provide you with excellent care during your hospital stay. If you are admitted from the emergency room at St. Joseph, please mention that you are a patient of Commonwealth Family Physicians, and someone from the Lexington Clinic Hospital Medicine Group will see you right away. They always tell us if you have been admitted and report back to us with information on your hospital care.
After-Hours Care
Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we will do our best to work you in and see you as soon as possible. If you have a serious problem that occurs after hours and cannot wait until the morning, call the Lexington Medical Society Exchange at 276-2594 (the number is also on our after-hours recording). They will give you the phone number of the CFP provider on call. It is very important that you understand that, based on good medical practice, we cannot call in narcotics or antibiotics. We must see you in person to give you a prescription for either of these medications. Please note there is an extra charge if we see you after hours.
We’re very glad you’ve chosen Commonwealth Family Physicians as your partner in health!